I’ve come across several blogs online marketing e-cigarettes as safer than regular cigarettes. Whether this is true or false I can’t tell because I’ve never lit a cig nor smoked (smokers can tell us). You should check one of best brands out there; red kiwi e-zigarette. But according to Stanton Glantz, hospital director of the Center for Tabacco Control Research and Education at the University of California, San Fransisco, there is no question whether e-cigarette is less harmful than the ordinary cigarette.

There have been mixed reactions from the effecttr24534ay5g3s of E-cigarettes with latest research findings showing some surprising health effects. This subject is just but heating up, and we’re expecting to see more scientific research findings. Meanwhile, these are the newest findings that if you’re considering puffing on E-cigarette, you have to reconsider your decision.

Suppresses One Ability to Cough

Coughing is of great benefit to one’s health because it will keep you from choking and removes substances, which might cause infections. Therefore puffing on e-cigarette makes one less sensitive to coughing because of the chili pepper compound, which induces coughing. Discpinigaitis further says these effects will continue to be experienced in the life of an E-cigarette smoker unless he/she quits.

Different E-Cigarette Have Different Effects

Research has been conducted on effects of flavored e-cigarette liquid in calcium and found out that not all flavors have the same effect. Hot cinnamon candies, menthol tobacco, and banana pudding are some of the flavors that affect the lungs; this is according to research done by the University of North Carolina.

The contain Harmful Substances

Depending on the brand, the concentration of chemicals including nicotine in e-crt425575at2ya5f2igarettes varies. There has been limited research because these cigarettes have only been available in the US. It has also been a challenge to assess the health effects uniformly because e-cigarettes have no label warnings. But so far they have been established to contain harmful substances.

It’s not an Effective way to Quit Smoking

It has been said that e-cigarette is a solution to those who’d like to quit smoking. Puffing an e-cigarette to quit smoking will only be successful the first month but after three months you’ll be back to your normal smoking trend. Therefore, cancer victims should use appropriate and approved a method for quitting smoking.
It’s now becoming evident that smoking isn’t any better to human health. It’s a fertile ground for the human being to suffer health related diseases. Quitting and abstaining from smoking seem to be the best alternative.

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