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3 Things to Thank Technology for Amid the Pandemic


With the ever-developing advancement of technology, life has never been easier. You can do many things with the help of technology like making long-distance calls, fax a pdf from a computer, or even have a whole meeting done virtually. Amid this coronavirus pandemic, technology is highly appreciated because they allow us to adapt and be flexible enough that we can continue with our daily lives, such as continuing to study or doing our jobs without sacrificing security from the disease. Here are several reasons to be thankful for technology amid the COVID-19 pandemic:

We Can Continue to Study Virtually


Online meetings have become our academic savior during this pandemic. We cannot thank online meeting applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams because they allow us to interact with each other and continue our academic pursuits without sacrificing our health and safety from the virus. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit worldwide, Zoom and other video conferencing applications are gaining tremendous support and usage from schools, communities, and businesses that have resulted in their stock rate booming skyrocketed to the moon. However convenient they are. The FBI has warned education institutions and personnel pertaining to Zoom hijackers that spread hate messages to students to spread hate and negativity. Caution is strongly advised.

We Can Order Food and Shop Online

The COVID-19 virus has forcedly made shops and retails all over the world face a financial crisis insofar that they have to shut down operations and close their doors to customers in an effort to curb the virus’s virality. However, technology has something to say about this. Many businesses are switching online with the help of courier and e-commerce apps so that they can still provide us with the goods and services we need to continue living.

Through apps that are available on your smartphones, you can order food and have them delivered to your doorsteps, and you can shop for clothes and even groceries to have them delivered to where you live, and even hire services online like courier, transportation, assignments, etc.

We Are Given Entertainment to Cheer Ourselves Up

Self-quarantining is absolute hell for extroverts, and even introverts need to take a break and socialize at certain times. While it’s true that there are many things that one can do in such condition like learn a new language, redecorate, or even as simple as gardening but these things may not be suitable for everyone. 


People need to be entertained; they have a certain amusement threshold that, when it hits rock bottom, can spike depression and other mental health issues, which is dangerous! Luckily, many other businesses moving in the entertainment sector has provided us with a variety of choice to cheer ourselves! For instance, Netflix, Spotify, Youtube, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Technology truly gives us wings. We can break boundaries and set new standards every time a new technological advancement has been made. To this day, scientists are working hard with the help of technology to develop a cure to the disease, so we need to keep ourselves from breaking apart and do our part in social distancing and staying inside so we can get through this deadly pandemic.

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