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Benefits of Using Gmail Faxing Services


Gmail is a Google product that is offering an affordable, convenient, easier, and faster method for sending and receiving faxes. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology especially in the communication sector. Nowadays, you can use your Gmail account to send free faxes in multiple formats without necessarily experiencing the jamming fax machine problems.

Unlike the conventional way of faxing, Gmail allows you to send your fax messages over the internet. All you are required to have is a functional Gmail account and an active online fax provider. Once you subscribe to the fax provider, your email address will be automatically synchronized to send and receive faxes.

Many people are embracing this technology because it has immense benefits to the users. Keep reading to understand the benefits of using gmail fax.

No Fax Machine

You do not have to spend money on buying a fax machine when you are using Gmail services to send faxes. As aforementioned, you only need an active Gmail account and a reputable online fax provider. Although it is not a good thing to the fax machine manufacturers, it is absolutely beneficial to the users.


Another advantage of using Gmail to send faxes is that it is absolutely cheaper compared to the conventional faxing method. You are not obligated to buy a fax machine, papers, toners, and other faxing tools. All you need to send your fax messages or receive is to sign up for a Gmail account and subscribe with an online fax provider. In fact, some online fax service providers allow the new user to send free faxes for the first one month.

File Format Conversion

mailsWith Gmail faxing you can automatically convert different files to a fax image format what a convention faxing method cannot do. Therefore, you can keep sending and receiving faxes that are readily converted to a fax image format by Gmail. With Gmail faxing services, you can convert any file into even a PDF format for easier printing and reading on a computer. The entire process is basically cheap, easy and faster than the traditional faxing method.
Perfect Clarity and Quality

Gmail faxing services allows us to send and receive a high quality and understandable messages. With the Gmail faxing service, you do not have to scan the documents since you only send them using the computer or any other device that supports Gmail. The computer sends and receives messages in the same quality and perfect clarity as they were sent.


Gmail is a more convenient way of sending faxes than the conventional method. With the conventional way of sending faxes, you must be near a fax machine. However, with the email technology, you can send and receive faxes from your comfort zone so long as you have your laptop.

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