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Factors to Consider When Buying Weed Vaporizers

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It is hard to imagine that technology had smokers in mind inventing a weed vaporizer. Weed vaporizers, as their name suggests, convert marijuana to vapor. Unlike vaporizers, smoking tires throat due to its unusually high temperatures and carcinogens produced during combustion. Such smoke is harmful to the lungs. On the other hand, it is easy to control the dose one intends to take with vaping.

If you decide to buy vaporizadores para hachis you better choose one that will suit your needs and preferences. There are essential things to consider when purchasing a vaporizer. Here is a list of factors that you should pay attention to before buying a weed vaporizer.


The brand you choose matters. While it is advisable to limit your search to big brands, you also need to pay attention to reviews left behind by past customers. If you do not have any brand in mind, you can get suggestions from friends, family, or even online. Purchasing a vaporizer registered under an established brand comes with some quality assurance, but not always. Therefore, as much as you focus on big brands, you have to do your homework.


Weed vaporizers use two methods to vape conduction or convection, which yield different results. The convection method more efficient than conduction because weed is heated evenly and does not burn. Temperature control is another essential aspect to consider as far as producing quality weed is concerned.


woman vapingA weed vaporizer’s mobility gives you the flexibility of using it wherever you go. If you are always on the move, then a portable vaporizer would come in handy. Portable weed vaporizers are smaller to carry and easy to conceal. Vape pens are the smallest and the best for discretion. However, if you chose to use weed at your home’s comfort, then a desktop vaporizer can suffice. However, desktop Vaporizers do not come cheap though.


How much do you intend to spend on a weed vaporizer? Price can be used to infer quality and class, but not always. Therefore, as much as you have to spend within your limits, make sure that you invest in something that offers you value for money. In most instances, vaporizers that cost more tend to have desirable features. But you can be lucky to find a cheaper alternative that is fine. You have to do due diligence on your part to get the best deal…

Three Must-Have Gadgets for Travel-Holics

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We bring our smartphones anywhere we go. And many brands, like Samsung, iPhone, and Xiaomi promise a one-for-all solution. Their phones work as a video camera, photo camera, communication tool, GPS, and even a video editing gadget. However, once your phone runs out of power, you won’t be able to do anything. And that scenario is the stuff of nightmare for travelers. Imagine visiting London on the 5th of November to watch the Bonfire Night, but suddenly your phone’s battery is empty. You’ll miss an annual event!

Therefore, all experienced travelers know very well that you shall separate gadgets for documenting photos, videos, and communication. Let’s discuss further below!

Video Camera

Nowadays, there are many types of video cameras, namely the camcorder, action cam, compact camera, and digital camera. And each of them has different video resolution, image sensors, and frame rates. For instance, you may need an advanced series of a camcorder to record fast-moving events, such as car race, acrobatic shows, etc. It would be much simpler if you use an action cam. However, you cannot expect a good audio record from an action camera since it is relatively small and is designed specifically to record videos.

Before you buy a video camera, you should think about the events you want to record. If those events do not require advanced features, then a regular digital camera like Panasonic Lumix TZ200/ZS200 will suffice.

Power Bank

Your gadgets won’t work without electricity, and you shall not count on electrical sockets only. You have to bring a power bank with you! However, many brands are flooding the market, and some of them are not as quality as they claim to be. Here is a list of most recommended power banks for travelers:

  • Anker Power Core 10000
  • ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh
  • Xiaomi Power Bank
  • Hiluckey Solar Power Bank
  • Ravpower Savior 9000
  • MAXOAK 50000mAh (prohibited for flight)

Smartphones and the Right Apps

This one is an apparent must-have item. However, what you may not know are the right apps that can improve your traveling experience. First, you’re going to need a flight-booking app, such as Hopper, Skyscanner, Kiwi, Hipmunk, and Skiplagged. Second, you should install Google Translate on your phone, especially if you go to a foreign country. Third, you need Google Map to navigate around your destination. It is important to note that using Google Map while riding a taxi will keep you foolproof. Fourth, you’ll need a currency exchange app to monitor the exchange rates. This app will also prevent you from being conned by money exchange services.…