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Beginner’s Guide to Email Faxing


Faxing is something that can be considered old school or conventional. Fax machines are something that you might not see a lot of these days. However, when it comes to business, they are still used and many are still in operation. They are used to exchange important documents securely and quickly.

For people and businesses that don’t have fax machines, it can be an obstacle when running your company without access to faxing. However, thanks to the innovation in tech, you can utilize email faxing by going to GoogleOnlineFax.com or other related websites. In this article, we will let you know a lot more about email faxing.

What It Isemail and fax

Email faxing is a system that enables you to receive and send faxes using the internet without using a physical fax line or a fax machine. Instead, you can do it through your email while also retaining compatibility with other fax machines. This is achieved only by using services offered online.


When compared to the traditional way of faxing using the machine, email faxing unquestionably has superior benefits. First of all, you don’t need to buy a fax machine. That alone will save you a lot of money as well as space in the office. Not only that, but you also won’t need the extra expense of buying paper for the machine. With email faxing, all you need are things you most likely already have, which is an internet connection as well as a computer or phone to access your email.

Email faxing is a reliable and secure way of faxing. Not only that, but it is also simple and safe. It is easy to implement, scalable, and customizable. Plus, you are not bound to a machine to be able to receive or send faxes, you can access it anywhere and anytime. On top of that, email faxing benefits include helping to improve your workflow and productivity.

How It Works

email fax processSending and receiving fax messages through your email is apparently quite simple. The most important thing that you need before doing anything is to have an email address. Most services are compatible with Gmail. You can use your existing email address for faxing if you want. However, it is advisable to create a new one so that they can be distinguished and organized better.

Once your email address is sorted, you will need to sign up with an online fax service. There are some that offer free services, free trial accounts, as well as paid ones. When signing up, you will need to choose between a toll-free and a local fax number that will be accountable for grabbing the fax machine’s transmissions so that it can be converted into a PDF file.

Fill in the details and information required for the registration. Finish up by submitting it. Once you have registered, you are ready to receive faxes through your email using email faxing.…

How To Choose A Parking Lot Equipment


Parking lot equipment is very important in the safety of the driver and the pedestrian. In the past decade, people have been having a problem with the parking in the main towns. Sometimes the parking lots and the streets are congested with people and moving vehicles making the parking process a difficult situation. The invention of the modern parking equipment has enabled drivers to do the parking conveniently thereby preventing accidents and realizing the restricted locations easily. You need to choose the best parking equipment for various parking needs and situations.


blue vintage car park

Choose the familiar one


When you are purchasing parking equipment, you need to choose the one that is familiar, a piece of equipment with little instructions that are simple to follow. Make sure that the parking system you choose needs to be simple to adopt in the form of paying and display technology. For instance, in areas where you need special attention like the airport, you need parking equipment that you are familiar with to guide you when you have used the wrong way.



Easy to install and operate


You need to purchase parking equipment that is easy to install and operate. When you are acquiring the equipment form the outsourcing company, you have to figure out if this equipment can be installed quickly in few days or hours. In the process of installation, you need to consider minimal revenue usage or sometime there should be zero loss. Make sure it can also be expanded in the parking lots whenever there is a need. The mode of operation should be as simple as possible to save your time when you are parking.



Automation and remote management


There are benefits you will get when you buy parking equipment that is automated in their operation. This will make the parking experience an easy task. You need to choose parking equipment that does not need regular attention. Make sure the parking equipment is designed to provide an automated parking solution, equipment you can manage remotely. Also, the parking equipment you purchase should have the capability to run without daily intervention, ensure that you can run it from anywhere using appropriate software.

piggy bank and money


Is the price competitive?


Checking on the price is one thing that most individuals do before they were purchasing equipment. You need to buy this equipment according to budget. Find a parking consultant to help you choose equipment that has quality at a relatively low price that ranges within your budget. Whether you are buying the equipment for different functions, you need to compare the prices with different manufacturers so that you have the accurate price for the leading parking equipment.



Custom branding


The parking equipment you purchase should come with some custom branding. This may include the color and the logos. This will depend on the on the user’s preference. The brands will help you minimize the confusions while you are parking. The brand you choose should give you the best impression; this will catch your attention when you are parking to avoid mistakes and prevent accidents.…