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How to Use WordPress


WordPress has a content management system (CMS) that contains plugins, architectures, and templates that allow an individual to build and host websites. Through wordpress web design in Orlando, you can customize any website to suit the desired portfolio, business, blog, or online store. There are several ways to follow when developing your dream website using WordPress. The system is easy to use, and it allows the user to create a site that suits their needs. Therefore, if you want to develop a website using WordPress, this is what you should do:

Select a WordPress Plan

Begin by selecting aWordPress WordPress plan. There is only one free plan option; however, it requires that you purchase your domains, themes, hosting provider plugins, and other necessary features to build a WordPress site. Notably, you will have to select a plan from the five options that exist in wordpress.com. The plans have different access to marketing tools, monthly charges, and types of site customizations.

Set up Your Domain Name and Hosting Provider

Once you select a plan, set up the domain name and choose the hosting provider. The domain name acts as your address that your visitors can use to locate your website on the internet, while the hosting provider is where you store your website. An example of a domain name is www.domain.com; similarly, some WordPress host providers include Kinsta or WP Engine.

Install WordPress

If you are using a diverse hosting service provider other than WordPress, you will install the CMS. The software will help in connecting your domain to the website. Begin by logging into your account. Click “web hosting” and select “manage.” The screen will pop up with your account details. Select “options & settings,” which will show you “popular apps.” Click on WordPress and start the installation process.

Choose Your Theme

Once you install your WordPress app, customize the themes and templates. WordPress has numerous formatting styles, layouts, fonts, colors, and other visual options. The app provides a default theme, which looks plain and may not impress your visitors. However, through the WordPress theme, you can ensure that your website is professional and appeals to potential clients.

Add Posts and Pages to Your Website

Once you have completed the above processes, add content to your website. Notably, posts and pages help your new website be at the top. When adding a post, you can add images and other information that will appeal to your visitors.

Customize Your Website

Customize your website and add plugins to give it a professional look.…